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MCGM is best described by flat hierarchies and an open corporate culture. All MCGM employees are unique personalities and convinced team player. Empathy, mutual support, integrity and creative coaction form the basis of our actions. Regular events and team building activities lasting several days improve the team sprit.

At MCGM we employ great minds with diverse academic backgrounds. Due to the fact that our employees are our key factor of success we intensively invest in their qualifications by the means of tailored business and individual trainings. Through real life trainings and development programs we promote personality and leadership competencies of all our employees. That is how we guarantee the optimum preparation of our employees to meet each career level’s requirements.

At the same time we promote academic education. Hereunto MCGM offers an attractive, on-the-job MBA or Ph.D. program. Master and Ph.D. students have access to MCGM’s infrastructure in order to have maximum support.

Work-life balance is crucial at MCGM. In order to balance professional and private life MCGM takes that into consideration when scheduling projects and also offers flexible work schedules and the possibility to work at home. Therefore the optimum balance between work and family is ensured by MCGM.

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